David Skillicorn

David Skillicorn

David Skillicorn has been creating luminous abstract paintings professionally for the past twenty years. He explores complex spatial and color relationships through the use of texture, organic line, and sensuous fields of color. By often mixing in elements of the physical landscape directly into the paint -- sand, stone dust, field grasses, bits of flora -- he infuses the work with the presence of the natural world.

In mixed media works on canvas, Skillicorn creates sophisticated, intuitive paintings alive with surface texture, lush paint of vibrant colors in bold strokes over atmospheric passages. “My process is one of applying paint liberally, carving and digging back into it, and building up layers,” Skillicorn says. “Through this process of application and excavation I would say that I “find” the painting as much as I “make” it.”

Skillicorn feels his paintings are not “about” something specific, or art objects per se, as much as they are an opportunity to trigger an emotional response. His colorful and richly textured paintings often convey something that is not so much experienced with the mind, as felt with the body....in an intimate, visceral, and contemplative way.  Skillicorn exhibits regularly in galleries and museums on both coasts, and is part of numerous public and private collections across the country.


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