John Quigley

John Quigley


Quigley is a self-taught artist who utilizes an experimental approach.

"I let the experience of creating guide me.  I often have no clear vision of how the finished piece will present itself."

He uses mixed media techniques to bring together his love of photography, painting, and the thrill of finding new ways to use overlooked materials. 

"I use my life experiences as inspiration for my work. InfIuences from my childhood in middle-class suburbia can be seen in much of my work, as the playful colors and characters often mask the deeper conflict."

Art was and is still Quigley's outlet for processing all of the events, experiences, and cultures he has seen.  Color, light, and texture intermingle within each of his pieces to create depth and narrarate a story.  

"My work is designed to be a conversation starter, particularly for those topics that seem difficult to put into words.


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