Linda Colletta

Linda Colletta

This Is Different...A new body of work from Colletta’s Drop Cloth collection where she intricately weaves together the industrial, the found and the ephemeral in a candidly organic method. Through her use of up-cycled painters’ drop cloths, she incorporates the history of random paint, dirt, spills, drips, and seams left behind as the foundation of a visual landscape exploring the relationship between the dark and light. 


Often referencing the sociopolitical aspects of graffiti, punk rock, pop culture, and the natural environment, her approach to painting integrates a radical embrace of the subconscious mind. With no two works ever the same, her marks, layers, and compositions create a sense of controlled chaos that simultaneously captivates and unchains our attention. 


“My work gives form to the alchemy of my humanity. A magical process of piecing together recycled remnants, childhood imprints, and urban nostalgia until they are something entirely new,” said Colletta. “These candy coated compositions, whimsical on the outside and gritty on the inside, are in direct pursuit of radical honesty and reckless abandon.”


Colletta is an abstract artist, who has been creating art in various mediums for over 25 years. At 19 years old, she began her artistic journey as a scenic artist creating backdrops and scenery for live televised performances by Coldplay, Brittney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Green Day, among others. She left the scenic art world after 20 years to dedicate her life to her painting career.   Private collections include Justin Bieber, Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York Presbyterian, and 277 Fifth Ave.




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