Sylvie Perrin

Sylvie Perrin

Sylvie Perrin graduated from the National Fine Arts Academy of Lyon. She began her artistic career in the Netherlands as an illustrator. She then worked in Paris, before becoming established in Lyon, her home town. She has enjoyed a career that allowed  her to express her multifaceted creativity in a variety of mediums: sculpting, painting, illustration and graphic design. 

Today, she has developed a technique of collage inspired by and composed from posters which she discovers on the walls of the city of Lyon, or during her travels. These weather-worn materials marked by rain and sun, constitutes her basic palette of colors and typefaces. She then reimagines them, giving them a second life. Decomposed, then recomposed, these resolutely urban forms become dynamic compositions. Her use of a special transparent resin finish on each piece glorifies these discarded raw materials, and illuminates them. She memorializes each collage with the name of the street or district of the city where she encountered the materials that inspired its creation.

In other works, using the same technique of collage, she manipulates and reimagines a melange of old photos from magazines with a combination of illustration and Photoshop techniques.

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