"Change of Focus.  Close your eyes and go back in time to when the word quarantine was just a big word used to knock a little kid out of a spelling bee and imagine all the joy of the past created in unique, humorous pop art that just makes you feel good.  Open your eyes and there it is.   Or close your eyes again and think abstract.  Circles.  Lines.  Squares.  Whites.  Blues.  Gold.  Movement.    Open your eyes again and there it is.  Now if you really want to change your focus stare at the iconic paintings that present like they are 3d.   The more you look the more you see.   And yes, there is also a little sea.   How can we ignore the beauty of the ocean when we live in the Hamptons?  We are so pleased and fortunate to be open.  We wish the same for all the galleries and small businesses on the east end.  Art may or may not be the highest form of hope as the great artist Gerhard Richter said, but it sure is a great place to start.” Andrea McCafferty & Kat O’Neill -Co-Owners & Directors


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