‘Who doesn’t love an exhibit where the art speaks to you, literally.  ‘A martini and a designer purse will make it all better,’ ‘New York is always a good idea,’ ‘Swimming back for cocktail hour on the yacht,’ ‘But I’m a first class girl, I can’t fly coach.’


Vibrant colors, bold imagery, engaging text.  Art that is fun, yet sophisticated.   That is signature Nelson De La Nuez, a world-renowned artist always looking for new ways to connect with his audience.  His nostalgic collaged backgrounds provide a road map to Americana.   The good, the bad and the campy.  Thought bubbles bring the various characters to life.  Some works are on canvas while others are on giant looseleaf pages that appear to be torn out of a sketchbook.  


The title for this solo exhibit came from one of Nelson’s pieces called, ‘Wake Me Up For Champagne’ featuring a beautiful woman somewhat supine on the couch, overcome by the day of delights and needing a brief respite before her fabulous life continued.  In the aloofness is the engagement.   Or maybe it’s New Year’s Eve and, after working a double shift she can’t keep her eyes open but does not want to miss the ringing in of the new year.   Nelson leaves the window of interpretation open as he does in all his work, and it is through that window that the magic happens.’