In life uncertainty refers to situations involving imperfect or unknown information.  Often perceived as a negative.  In art it is the complete opposite.  The unknown is where the muses and the surprises live.  Does every artist sweat the road from uncertainty to certainty?  No doubt.  But once the path is chosen a signature style makes its presence known.  Happy ending?  Maybe.  We chose two mediums.  Photography and Painting.  All that remains is that one last step.  A circle back to uncertainty to see how these certain signature styles are received.  


Bob Tabor 

“Having photographed Ralph Lauren polo matches for years his lens captures horses in all their mysterious beauty.  Collectors include Brad Pitt and Brooke Shields. 


Lynn Savarese

 " In this exhibition, Savarese transforms our perception of books and reams of paper, by focusing both on their exquisite physical properties and powerful abstract and metaphoric qualities. In her unique captures of Nature and everyday objects, whether a flower, a book, a ream of paper, or a local beach—Savarese’s work has been solicited by  numerous designers in the Hamptons and New York City, as well as national design icons like Victoria Hagan.”


Joe Stefanelli  -  

“Member of the revered New York School of Abstract Expressionism - showed with Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline.”


Bob Landstrom

“The combination of a fine arts degree and a masters in engineering creates a unique style with a nod to Basquiat and Einstein.”