A Flight of Fine Art Featuring Markus Klinko

Art is not an acquired taste. Some say taste is an acquired art. Yet
diversity is what makes the world wonderful and every collection
inimitable in the eye of the beholder. With that in mind we kick-off
our summer season with an exhibit that is a celebration of diversity.
With a DJ spinning funk from today and yesterday, patrons and new art
appreciators can view our featured artist Markus Klinko’s evocative
shots of celebrities like Lada Gaga, Kim Kardashian and David Bowie
while also getting a chance to see a sampling of our unique roster of
artists. Michelin-starred restaurants serve flights of fine wines, and for
this exhibit we are serving a flight of fine art. Artists all engaging in
their executions but distinctive in their allure. Pop. Underwater
photography. Art Deco. Abstract. Figurative. Paintings that present
as sculptures. NFT’s. The beauty lies in the diversity.
The definition of art in the Oxford Dictionary is the expression or
application of human creative skill and imagination. There is something
surprisingly simple and yet accurate about that. The key ingredient is
human. Of course, humanity could survive without art but why would
it want to?
Here’s to a wonderful summer of 2022 filled with love, laughter and of
course art in all its splendor.