Curators’ Quote


‘There is a famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that says, “For every minute you’re angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”  That admonition seems so pertinent in today’s world of enough is never enough that it is hard to believe it dates back at least 150 years. 


Our new exhibit, Moon Dance, heeds that admonition as it is a reminder to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, the tides.  Local photographer, Bob Tabor, known for his striking equine portraits celebrating the beauty and intimacy of horses captured at motion and rest for Ralph Lauren, has made the moon the star.  


Who knew being an insomniac would have an upside?  If the eyes are open and the mind is running most people would look to Netflix for solace or desperately start counting those elusive sheep or destroy the place in search of that long-lost Ambien bottle, but Bob decided to go to the beach instead with a 600-millimeter lens camera to capture the moon and its never-ending dance on the water.  


The moon over the water is a new canvas for Bob but living on the east end it is an instinctive evolution to look to mother nature for inspiration.  Regarding the moon elicits many emotions but none of them are anger unless, of course, you are howling.  And though there is nothing wrong the occasional howl; a full moon truly stops humanity in its track and let’s all the rats take a respite from the race. Even if only for sixty seconds. 

The full moons in this exhibit are all Hamptons’ moons.  Hanging alongside these delights are Hamptons’ waters in hues of white and blue and, with the Hampton Classic Horse Show quickly approaching and Bob’s equine legacy, we had to include some captivating horse portraits to complete this solo exhibit.  All are welcome, including werewolfs.’