Playtime is when children let their imaginations go wild, taking them down paths of unbridled creativity.   Time2Play is the exact same thing.  With one minor distinction.  These kids are all grown up.  There is something magical about art that makes you wax-poetic about innocence and nostalgia.   Or just smile.   We selected artists that embody that, too often lost, playful spirit.  Paintings of classic toys and images with humorous narrative twists, lenticular art of Dali and Kahlo that transforms before your eyes, an homage to 007 through mixed media, Einstein petitioning for more love, tiny figures that come together to create a can of soup, paintings of classic cartoon characters that harken back to when TWA and PAN AM ruled the skies.  A 'Blow Pop' painting to remind us all of the inimitable pleasure of that long forgotten first bubble.  And, of course, to accommodate Time2Play taken literally we have mixed media pieces of Elvis and Tupac.  Suffice it to say, our Time2 Play exhibit is a smorgasbord of stimuli.  Come by and enjoy the feast.

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