“In business and in battle you have an end goal in mind.   You stay the course, and any mistake or obstacle is viewed as an unwanted intrusion to be quickly handled but in the world of art mistakes can lead to delightful surprises and obstacles can create unforeseen opportunities.  If Jackson Pollack didn’t need more space for his canvases and serendipitously found the floor, he never would have discovered his “drip” technique.   Was it a mistake when Manet’s reflection in the mirror did not match the scene or when Rembrandt seemed to have two left-handed gloves?   Who knows?   Whether intentional or a delightful surprise, the end result was two masterpieces.  Art is a creative journey filled with trials and errors and all kinds of things that can take you off the course.  But it is in that straying where artists find the magic, that unique look that becomes their signature, their voice.  This exhibit celebrates the STRAY.   Honestly, we wouldn’t want it any other way.”